Andaman : Family vacay

What to see and do


Mandatory beach photo with a coconut tree and sparkling blue water ?

If you’re thinking about where to go for the next vacayy then Andamans should definitely be on your bucket list. I was mind blown by this cute little island. You would most definitely would want to explore more than a beach this island has to offer .Beaches are all about sun,sand and sightseeing , coconut trees , sparkling blue water. I am more of a mountain person but this place was an eye opening for me !  Although it is a popular and famous destination for honeymoon couples but a lot many tourists come here mainly for the relaxing chill vibes. So I went on to this trip with my family after a long time. It was planned one month before, it was adventurous, fun filled and relaxing trip . This has to be one of your bucket list places list. We had a blast exploring this beautiful paradise with gorgeous islands

Look how beautiful !

There are a lot of things to do here apart from collecting seashells and coral artifacts and exploring seashore lines . Many of which are listed below as you read this .


The Andaman and Nicobar island archipelago has about 500 islands (572 to be exact) out of which most of the beaches which are open to tourists are located in andamans only. The most tourist friendly beach is the Havelock island .  Most of the places are not inhabited by people . Andamans are home to Sentinelese people . Port Blair being the capital is devoid of fancy malls and restaurants. They are still trying to be modernise in every which way . It has only one airport ‘ Veer Savarkar International airport’ .

Some of the most visited places in Andamans –

  • Port Blair
  • Cellular Jail
  • Havelock Island
  • Ross and Neil island
  • Jolly buoy Island
  • Baratang for limestone caves and mangroves
  • Abherdeen bazar
  • Chidiya Tapu
  • Anthropological Museum
  • Sea food restaurants
  • Science museum
  • Gontham saw mill
  • Naval marine museum

Places to visit

Cellular jail

We visited this place in Port Blair . The British used this jail to exile many freedom fighters and political prisoners . You would need at least 2-3 hours to see the entire jail . It’s all about the Indian history . There’s a light and sound show also . So basically , the bricks used to build this jail was brought from Burma . The Building has 7 wings just like the spokes of the bicycle at the centre of which a guard used to keep a watch on the inmates . We all were stunned after hearing and watching the light and sound show . It’s an amazing show (hosted by a peepal tree which has a voice of Om Puri). I was in particular very proud because Veer Savarkar used to stay in my college hostel (Fergusson College , Pune ) ! Can’t describe the feeling when i heard about him .
Entry fee – Rs 20/-

Chidiya Tapu

Most of the birds flock here. It’s better if you go in the morning as most of them are seen in the morning . We went to the forest area to explore more birds . We went here as soon as we reached Port Blair. People come here again generally for the sunset. We did  not miss that . It’s around 25-30 kms from Port Blair .

Havelock Island

This is a very famous island. You must have heard of this island. This has to be on your bucket list . If you have not heard of it go google it right now. Although it gets crowded when the season is on. I hate going to the beaches when they are especially super crowded. But luckily not many people were there when we went and it was so scenic, it was really beautiful. There are 4 famous beaches on this island that you need to stop for – Radhanagar beach , elephant beach , Vijayanagar beach and Kalapathar beach .We did some water sports activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, etc. You can go to fishing trips also to the nearby unoccupied islands but we didn’t have much time because we spent all the time sitting and relaxing .

Deciding where to go next !

Neil Island

Since there was an unexpected rainfall at havelock, we decided to go to this island for sports activities. Did scuba diving. Life under water is magical with small tiny fishes making their way zigzagging around . The coral reefs of Andamans show a lot of aquatic flora and fauna. Snorkelling and scuba diving in clear sparkling turquoise water is to explore for .

Feelin the breeze .

Museum Tour

There are two museums in Andamans – Samrudika Naval musuem and Anthropological museum. These both are very informative . You need to buy a ticket to enter these. The naval one is run by Indian Navy and tell us about the marine life whereas the other one has craftings , boats . utensils , clothes that tribes used to wear and still do . The Sentinelese still exists and has the information about the history of many tribes like Sentinelese , Jarawas , Onges and Great Andamanese . There’s one more museum – Science musuem mainly for kids . We went there too to have fun . It was really about the cool science projects made by the students .


The best time to visit Andamans is from Mid May to April . Usually they are tropical islands so they have a warm weather all year round . In January there’s a 14 day long tourism festival if you want t Around december especially in christmas , the place will be packed .

Monsoon season generally starts from May to October. They witness heavy rains during that time .

Waiting to get sunny weather. (Tan Tan moment)


Port Blair is well connected by flights or by sailing . You can get direct regular flights from Kolkata as well as Chennai and boats from Vishakapatnam and these two places .We took a flight from Chennai. After reaching there , Ferries are available to travel in between Islands. The booking can be done online. We went from Makruzz and Makruzz gold. They were really comfortable ! The goverment ferries are usually cheaper than the Private ferries and they operate regularly even when the weather is bad .

Papa posing like a cool boss !

Where to stay


  1. Basic medications . (You need to go to the main market and not many islands have these kinda facility .
  2. Sunscreen , Sunglasses , caps and light clothes for the summer.
  3. Beachwear . (Although we get costumes for snorkelling and scuba diving )
  4. Trekking shoes if you are planning to go to Madhuban.
A little trekky stuff .

Andamans is usually quiet for nightlife so if you’re looking for the happening parties at the beaches then Goa should be your destination .This island had everything you can dream of – from perfect picturesque beaches to amazing culture of the tribes and to friendly locals .

If you have any query related to this , feel free to email me ! If Andamans is not in your cards then make sure you have one because it’s totally worth it .

Until then , xoxo !


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