Facts no one will tell you about Andamans.

Secrets and tips Andamans is keeping to itself

Andamans is endowed with fresh palm trees, fresh coconut water and honey coloured sand beaches. No matter who you are and when you go, this island has definitely a lot to offer. It was incredible to see their culture we had heard so much about although their tribes are pretty restricted.

In the last 20 years this island have attracted more tourists in spite of the tsunami. Also if you haven’t read my previous blog, please do give it a read.It will tell you about how to plan your vacation and where to go. So this blog is about the tips and facts about Andamans that no one will tell you about. Because maybe this will help you if you plan to take a vacation in this beautiful place. (Imagine you being around palm trees and sparkling blue water for days, isn’t that perfect ?)

Here are some facts and tips for visiting Andamans which i experienced during this trip –

1. Mobile network

There are a lot of issues with mobile networks. No Jio, no Vodafone,no Airtel. Only BSNL works there. Make sure you have a BSNL sim.

2. Very less ATMs

There are a very few ATMs in these islands. Very few are in Port Blair. I would advice travellers and visitors to carry cash with them as you might have a problem.

3. A penal settlement was established by British

Indian freedom fighters were kept here in order to detach them from the world. There was no way of communication. They were held captive in solitary cells and britishers used to make them work for long hours.

Standing outside Veer Savarkar’s cell .
2 of the 7 spokes .

4. Most common language is Bengali

I thought the most common lingo used by people here was Andamanese or Nicobarese but believe me when we started talking to people – taxi drivers, shop owners – almost most of them spoke Bengali followed by Tamil and Hindi.

5. The most isolated tribe lives here

The Sentinelese people – they are considered to be the most isolated tribe that has descended from Africa around 60,000 years ago have cut all the means and connections to the modern world.

6. Rs 20 depicts the scene from Andaman

If you have ever seen and observed  the back side of Rs 20 note clearly, it depicts the North bay island and you can see the scenery on the way to Mount Harriet.

Standing with a Rs 20 note with the real scenery behind .
This right depicts the scene on Rs 20 note.

7.Largest tortoise and crab stays here

This island houses largest crab (Robber crab) and giant marine tortoises.

8. The remotest place on Earth

The North Sentinel Island is the most remotest area on earth. They believe in preserving their culture and wants to be cut off from the outside world. You might have heard some news related to this. Anybody who goes near to this island will be in danger. Sometime back National Geographic director got speared in his thigh. So I wont recommend you going near to any tribe people.

9. Renaming of the islands

Havelock, Neil, Ross islands are amongst the mant islands that are named after the Brititshers who ruled there. Recently Shri Narendra Modi renamed these places.

10. Bunker

It was rumoured that Japenese had made a secret tunnel from Ross island to Port Blair while they had ruled over three years during WWII.

Pops standing inside the bunker!

11. The local people are very friendly

We found some really good locals who helped us. I got a really good vibe. They would be open to click some photos and are kind hearted. And i can tell you they feel happy to have tourists in their place. Even if you leave something somewhere they would be honest and loyal to you. This happened with a friend of friend of mine. She lost her mobile in some shop but she got it back within no time.

So pack your bags and go to these unusual islands. You will definitely leave with memories to cherish a lifetime. Make sure you go to this place.

If you have any queries or feedback feel free to let me know in the comments sections below or you can mail me. I would love to see your lovely comments.

Till then , XOXO

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