FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF – Typing this in bold letters so that this works as a reminder to everyone reading this.

I wish we were taught more about self-love and mental health in school rather than studying all the science subjects. We invest and spend so much time trying to learn how to get jobs in this rat race and how not to be liable to this society. But what aren’t we taught with is how to deal with their lives in general.What matters is not where you have been or what you have gone through. What matters is where you go from this moment on .

It saddens me when people are not able to smile and live life. Or struggling to do whatever the hell they want. Because honestly I barely find something to think about which bothers my soul rather than my mind. I mean now also I tend to overthink a lot only in the cases of the people who are close to my heart. It’s just that my little brain thinks a little too much. But it’s a waste of time. All you can do is to focus on yourself. Give yourself time. Letting go is never easy, but sometimes it’s the only option. When you learn to let go of situations or people that are making our life difficult than it should be, it means you have reached a healthy level of self love because you’re ready to let go even though you don’t have a backup. You don’t know what’s next but you’re not afraid. Whatever you’re afraid to let things go has already ended, you’re just hanging on to the memories it felt once in your life.

We have only one life. ONE LIFE. It’s just too short to think over the things or people that matters the least. Focus on your dreams. Make it worth its chance. You deserve the life you always wanted and dreamt of. You surely don’t deserve the horrible things for sure! I know it seems like things are falling apart and will never get better. Kinda stuck in the situations. These situations seem more like a battle and knock you over. These are the situations which define you. It’s up to you whether you want these situations to define you or wipe you out completely. I hope you get back up and not let it eradicate you whenever life expects you to just give up.

In your bad times just speak to anyone or any adult who you think might help you. I read this thing in the school which said tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. Well, clearly I think we are made to speak – to speak loudly and honestly about how you feel. We should speak about what hurts the most and about what has broken us. Everyone has a story and it’s their right to speak it. I personally feel so much better. The voices in your head can be evil, self-critical and mean if you do not feed yourself with people who inspire you and motivates you. If you’re reading this, just breathe, chill, relax and have good faith in the goodness of the future. Much love to y’all.

GOOD VIBES. Not looking for a soulmate, looking for a sunflower.  

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