5 Places for the best Chole Bhature in Pune

Well so many people have come up to me and said that they really liked the username of my channel because it’s unique. Some of the people laugh at it because when you actually see it and understand the meaning of it you would know why it’s hilarious? So i thought and realised like “wow ” I should write about chole ! DEFINITELY.

Why BEKARAR chole? I will tell you. Many years ago I saw this stall in Delhi which had a huge huge crowd in front of it serving chole bhature. And to be honest I really liked the name. Now those of you who didn’t understand the meaning of bekarar’ (go google it) chole – you see chole is incomplete without bhature so that’s why they are bekarar! (if you know what i mean).

Why am I writing about this? Because Chole Bhature isn’t just a food, it’s one of the man’s greatest accomplishments. Here’s the list where you can find some amazing chole bhature in Pune.

  1. Raju’s Uncle Chole Bhature | Katraj

This is near the BVP college in katraj like just behind it. Every puneri must be knowing this place owing it to the fame this place has gained over the years. This place is strictly for those who has a large appetite. They serve really 2 large bhaturas with chole and some pickle to go with.

2. Outside clover centre

They serve some lipsmacking delicious chole bhature at a very pocket friendly price. They serve two bhaturas with chole paired with Gulab jamun and spicy achaar at just Rs 70/-. This stall is right outside Clover centre. Me and my mom often come here to have an evening snack.

Bhatura with a Bhatura ! LOL

3. Mona Food | Mg Road

If you’re a true Punekar, you would surely know about this place. This is one of the oldest and famous spots where they serve a fluffly Bhatura with the greasiest and spicy Chole. And the food quality here didn’t deteriorate since the years and it’s still a top notch.

4. Indian Zaiqaa | The Pavillion Mall

You will fall in love with the chole bhature as soon as you lay your eyes on them. The chole is very well cooked paired up with bhaturas. It is one of the best dishes to order in any mall’s food court. Will definitely recommend this.

5. Delhi Kitchen | Aundh

This places is in the cozy corners of the aundh streets. Having tried the delhi food, I wanted to try try this place which is blessed with rich delhi food culture. I tried certain things- Chole bhature was a mix match of sweet, tangy and spicy taste. The other dishes which I tried were afghani chicken tandoori and butter chicken. And the most important part – the portions are quite huge. Rest assured, you’re gonna need a nap after having this!

Photo courtesy – Zomato

Which is your favourite bekarar chole joint in Pune? Comment down below or let us know by tagging us in your pictures. Much love to you all. Have a great day!

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